Rabbit Land at Liseberg

To mark its 90th anniversary in 2013 Liseberg intends to celebrate with the biggest investment in the history of the amusement park. Nearly SEK 200 million will be invested in total in the park, and the biggest present of all is for the kids – a massive 10,000-square-metre Rabbit Land.

Rabbit Land

Rabbit Land

Kids will clearly be the centre of attention when Liseberg celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2013. The old children’s area will be renovated and extended to provide nine new attractions, food outlets, shops, wheels of fortune and games. Part of the area will become Rabbit Land – the rabbits’ own universe right in the heart of Liseberg. Storgatan will also be extended down to the river running through the park and a West Coast site will be established near Liseberg Harbour.

 “We’re proud and excited about these new additions for 2013. We’ve chosen to focus on Liseberg’s real guests of honour: the children. This is a project that involves a great deal of heart, creativity and quality – everything that makes Liseberg so special. It will be tremendous fun to welcome new generations of guests when we open in April,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg.
In addition to the new attractions in Rabbit Land, the old Rabbit House will be transformed into a large playground. This will not be a traditional playground, but one that only the Liseberg Rabbits could imagine building. It will be a place where kids can play with the Rabbits in the most imaginative ways – and they won’t need a ride pass or ticket.

 Next to Rabbit Land there will be a picnic area, a frequently requested feature for guests who want to bring their own food to the park. For those who prefer not to picnic there will be a new family restaurant with three units: Burger King with 250 seats outdoors, the Rabbits’ own pancake restaurant and a sandwich restaurant for those guests looking for a healthier option.

 The Rabbit Land will open in April 2013, when Liseberg opens the gates for its 90th season.

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